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We believe that there is a Genie in everyone of us and love granting wishes to people that inspire others to do good. Now visualize someone that you know who is changing lives, making their family, community or world a better place. Someone who gives and never seems to ask for anything in return: a true community hero. Is this you? Someone you know?

Let us know if this wish is for you or another hero.

If you or your hero had one wish, what would it be?

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YOUR NOMINEE'S INFONext, please tell us about the person you are nominating to be a GENIE Hero. If this person is you please leave the first section blank.

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 Championing Children: Commitment to the welfare of young people Community Crusader: Creating solutions to a local problem or social issue Defending the Planet: Innovative efforts to preserve and protect the environment Medical Marvel: Dedication to the enhancement of human health Protecting the Powerless: Advancing the cause of human or equal rights Young Wonder: Outstanding achievement by a person 25 or under Other: Use this category if your hero's cause doesn't fit into one of those above

Please describe in detail you or your nominee's specific accomplishment and what was involved in achieving it. Be sure to include the dates of the activities.(200 word maximum)

Please describe their impact, potential impact and how they have inspired others. (100 word maximum)

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Is there anything else that makes you or your nominee exceptional or unique? (100 word maximum)

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